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Storage and Distribution


Operating out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Kessimakis Produce can offer third-party logistics; we store and distribute food and beverages. We offer refrigerated storage and delivery within the Wasatch Front area. 


We have been in business for 4 generations and have been providing transportation for temperature sensitive food products for decades. Many of our customers are large multi-nationals, who can’t afford sloppy logistics. We provide a secure, quality-controlled environment and can transport items from our warehouse to the end users for our customers.


There are several advantages to using Kessimakis Produce for your storage and delivery needs:


1: We are able to offer refrigerated storage to you at a fraction of the cost.


2: We have delivery in place and can add your products to our trucks for a very competitive fee.


3: Nobody can beat our prices and you won't find a more dedicated team.


4: You'll make money by saving money when storing your products with us. Call now to find out how!


Contact James at 1-801-364-0250 for more details. 


We look forward to helping you grow your territory and distribution. 

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